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Tipsy Tuesday - Wedding Items that aren’t worth the extra $$$

YOUR INVITED - One of the first expenses you will encounter will be your invites. When it comes to invitations you might want to have a delivery of a lovely silk tied box filled with fragrant rose petals, hand painted calligraphy stationery and the works which are absolutely fantastic however once you add on shipping or have these hand delivered you are talking ca-ching! There are so many new hand written fonts available and amazing technology that can enable you to recreate this feeling at a fraction of the cost. While we don’t discourage decadence this is just a tipsy Tuesday thought.

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Tipsy Tuesday - What Color Is Your Palette?

When working tonight on an upcoming event design I always start with color and texture to set the tone.  Finding just the right hue for your celebration is key.  While Hawaii lends itself to the lovely tropical vibe which incorporates citrus colors and grounding earth colors, it also reflects the hues of the sparkling blue pacific against a breathtaking sunset.  Take these elements into account but let your mind be open to the use of mixing both texture and fabrics when it comes to your linen selections and decor.  

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