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Tipsy Tuesday - Let there be music

Theme – Not all events are themed, but those of us who have put time and effort into picking a theme for our wedding or other special occasion know that music can literally be the heartbeat of the party! Be sure to include songs and styles that go with the chosen theme, even as you decide on decor and set the dress code, so that everything combines together nicely!

Live, DJ, or Both – While it’s a personal choice, live music tends to set a joyful mood and can be personalized to fit any occasion.  Having said that, professional DJs can help you pick music that is best-suited for your event, keeping different requirements in mind such as volume and location limits, indoor/outdoor power sources and equipment, and the personality of your group. Sometimes starting off with one type of entertainment and transitioning into another is the perfect way to ensure your guests’ enjoyment. 

Modern or Classic music, and personal favorites –  Something a lot of us worry about is whether to play traditional songs, or to feature contemporary selections at your event.  Furthermore, it seems only natural to include our own preferences as well, to add a very personal touch to the celebration.  Generally, it’s best to consider the age group of guests attending, along with any cultural and/or religious elements that may be included, while choosing a mixture modern and old-school hits.

Cost vs. Quality – We are all familiar with the phrase, “You get what you pay for”, right? Well, this has never been truer than when selecting entertainment for your wedding! The best musicians and DJs charge higher fees than those who are less-experienced, and for good reason: Time and talents are not easy to come by, so it’s worth spending more for quality entertainment and priceless expertise in order to ensure a memorable and seamless event.

 Do’s and Don’ts

Do – think about what tunes pair well with your selected venue

Don’t – go overbudget just to impress your guests

Do – keep in mind the characteristics of your group when picking out songs (age, culture, religion)

Don’t – take anything too seriously when deciding on entertainment; try to follow your heart and enjoy each moment!

Do – choose songs and styles that inspire you

Don’t – play music that is too long or complicated

Do – include some of your personal song, dance, and instrumental favorites

Don’t – forget to respect and follow all rules set by event venues, especially start and end times

Photos by Aria, Fletch & Anna Kim.

Entertainment by Manutea Nui E & Barefoot Minded