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Frequently Asked Questions 


When is the best time to marry in Hawaii? 

The best time to marry in Hawaii is any time!  While we have a very moderate climate, there are some variations to consider. Year round events are not a problem. Accommodations and travel costs vary so you will want to avoid peak seasons if on a budget or to avoid crowds. Watch for any dates close to holiday or school breaks as these are likely during the peak travel dates. Remember in Hawai’i we do not have daylight savings time so sunset times will vary during the year.  Another tip is ask your coordinator if a weekday wedding is available as sites are often discounted Monday through Wednesday and mornings at times can have lower rates.

Can I pick my own vendors or do you have a preferred vendor list? 

At WOW we pride ourselves on offering only the finest professionals in the industry. We have an array of fabulous vendors for all services from which to select. While we do not limit your options by creating a “Preferred Vendor List” we do wish to guide you in the most professional direction so as not to disappoint. Should you have an interest in a vendor who is not a regular WOW partner, we will certainly discuss their potential involvement in your event to be sure it is a good fit. It is our priority to represent you at all times. In light of this, we work together with you to select professionals who are established with all the necessary credentials. Do note that some site providers will require use of their vendor list which is not uncommon. We will work with you to determine if that is the case and select accordingly.

What can I expect to budget for my wedding? 

This does vary according to our clients desires of course.  To get started, we offer several packages from which you might wish to begin with as an inclusive approach to your wedding planning, then add or upgrade any desired elements not included. However, most of our events are custom as there are so many variables and each client has their own individual style and budget.  Your WOW event coordinator can offer you a preliminary proposal so you can view what a wedding might amount to based on the services and inclusions you are considering.  

What is required to legally get married in Hawai'i?

It is quite easy to get married in the State of Hawai’i.  You will need a marriage license that must be issued in person to the two of you here in the islands.  You must appear in person to a State of Hawai’i marriage licensing agent here in the islands we will arrange this appointment for you.  They are located around the islands in various locales so we will make it most convenient for you.  You will need to book this meeting in advance.  There is a fee of $70 in cash that must be made payable in cash at this appointment.  You will be issued a license that you must bring with you on your wedding day to present to your officiate for processing.  This is valid for up to 30 days.  For specific questions you can contact the State of Hawai’i, Department of Health on any island.  WOW will also provide you with an on-line link that you can complete prior to your arrival to expedite this processing.  Same sex marriages are legal in the State of Hawai’i.

What does WOW coordination fee include? 

When working with WOW you will have the personal assistance of your very own wedding coordinator from beginning to end.  Our planners are seasoned professionals with many years in the industry and are experts at what they do.  You are not limited in any way with regard to daily communication as our offices are open daily Monday through Saturday and a ‘live voice’ is our priority.  Our planners will offer you a multitude of available options as we represent you.  We are here to save you time as our team will handle all of the details so you can experience a stress-free celebration.  This fee includes an unlimited array of service including site visits, vendor selection assistance, event design, budget coordination, site sketches, venue offerings, floral advice, sound and technical information, culinary tastings and so much more.  Please see our services page for more details.