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Tipsy Tuesday - Wedding Items that aren’t worth the extra $$$

YOUR INVITED - One of the first expenses you will encounter will be your invites. When it comes to invitations you might want to have a delivery of a lovely silk tied box filled with fragrant rose petals, hand painted calligraphy stationery and the works which are absolutely fantastic however once you add on shipping or have these hand delivered you are talking ca-ching! There are so many new hand written fonts available and amazing technology that can enable you to recreate this feeling at a fraction of the cost. While we don’t discourage decadence this is just a tipsy Tuesday thought.

DI-DON”T -  Don’t think that packing along all of you decor and props for a destination wedding are going to save you money in the long run if these items are available where you are hosting your event.  This is a major don’t!  At our office we receive endless boxes of glassware, candles, fans, favors and even props bought with the intention of saving a few $$$.  Reality sets in when our clients gasp at the freight tab.  They then remember…oh yes, we need to ship them back as well so double the cost. What often happens is they decide to forgo shipping back losing the point altogether.   Once you account for the cost of packing, shipping and assembling not to mention the risk of damage and loss, this is usually a bad idea.  

COCKTAILS ANYONE?   - If you are looking to save a few dollars this is one area you might want to examine. Opening your bar too early (before the ceremony for example) can significantly increase the cost of this offering and also create the possibility of overconsumption.  Limiting your offerings here is also a good idea.  I would suggest two signature cocktails along with beer and wine as a lovely ensemble and forgo the full bar.  Request your bartending service or caterer to do lighter pours as well and pre-select your wines.  Be clear on what is being offered and do not allow guests to order items not approved by you.   And then there are those almighty shots, shots, shots!~  This can instantly increase your consumption fees and often can create an unpleasant outcome lol!  I suggest you discuss this with your provider and perhaps request that this not be a part of your offering.  

GOWNS FOR GALS - While I would never want a bride to wear anything less than magnificent, this could be one item that is often a budget breaker.   If you are eying that couture gown but know it will completely break the overall budget you may need to shop around a bit.  Wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses vary tremendously in cost and there are so many new designs now available that are absolutely stunning!  A great fit is a must but the fact that each bead may not be hand sewn may not make a world of difference.  Many of our favorite stores such as Anthropologie,  J Crew and Nordstrom for example are jumping on this market and are now are featuring extensive wedding lines with an array of gorgeous choices.  Get your girls and go shopping!