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Tipsy Tuesday - "Belly Up"

What better way to start off the new year than to pop a cork and share tips from our Hawaii expert. Today’s TT message is "Belly Up” - Bartending Tips from the Pro. We have asked our amazing WOW bartending service owner Stacey Smith owner of Maui Bars Are Us for insider info to share with you. Here are her bartending tips to plan the perfect pairing when using a private venue or event spaces requiring a bartending service in the islands.

According to Stacey she recommends the following;

Budget Saving Tips...


If on a budget and you have under 40 guests, have us get the liquor for you. It will save SO much time and hassle.

For parties over 40 guests, grab your wedding party and purchase the goods directly from a discounted source such as Costco and ask about their unopened bottle return policy. Some retailers will take back what you don’t use with the original receipt.


If you have a large party (over 80) you might want to skip the champagne toast (just toast with what's in hand) as it is a big expense and people tend to waste it.

Additional glassware will also be required.


If you are on a very tight budget, you may want to stick with just beer & wine. Perhaps just one signature cocktail. Look at drinks that have some of the same ingredients to keep your liquor choices down. Guests will be happy with all you choose to provide. Don’t open your bar till after the wedding ceremony as this too will save on cost as well. Skip the shots... these can add up too


I love to make drinks that are infused with Hawaii grown products such as lavender from the Kula Lavender Farm, Big Island vanilla, fresh filtered lilikoi, organic Pau Vodka and unique island tropical fruits. There are also loads of locally produced brews, mixes and spirits to choose from and it’s a great way to share our Hawaiian flavor.


One popular favorite is my Haleakala Sunset cocktail which includes fresh Haiku mangos, organic vodka, citrus sodas and topped with a splash of cranberry juice.

Instead of the basic Mai Tai , many clients are requesting whiskey these days so we offer what we call the Big Kahuna which is like a Mai Tai only with all the tropical fun and garnishes however incorporating their favorite whisky. And for the beer enthusiasts our best selling beer is Longboard and Bikini Blonde.


Our bartending company will discuss what you wish to serve and create a detailed ‘shopping list’ for you and your coordinator and provide all the necessary items such as ice, utensils, friendly staff and bar station. We set, deliver, dishwasher and serve so you don’t have to! Also STAY SAFE, hire a transportation company to ensure your guests safety should they choose to imbibe. Your event coordinator will arrange this for you as well.


There are many bar setups you can rent from rustic to modern. Ask your coordinator for options.

Select fun barware which is also available to rent, colorful glasses, tiki mugs, fun flutes and copper cups.

Most venues will require this service so inquire with your WOW coordinator so we can hook you up!