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kind words

kind words

We have had the honor of working with countless amazing newlyweds. the feeling was mutual!

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testimonials one.jpg
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Colleen & Norm
wedding Date: 10.7.15
Location: white orchid beach house
Planner: Bernie
Photography by anna kim

"When you have a destination wedding that's 2,500 miles away from where you live, it's essential to have a wedding planner. When selecting our wedding planner, we spoke with multiple different people, and ultimately went with A White Orchid Wedding. Not only do they have a sterling reputation, but the experience and the overall vibe we got from Bernie Freitas made this an easy decision for us. Bernie was great to work with throughout the process. She understood how we liked to communicate, and set up regular check-in calls to ensure that we were on track with the timeline that she had put together. And on the day-of the wedding, we could not have asked for a better coordinator. She made sure that everything ran smoothly, but was a calming presence, so that my wife and I were able to just sit back and enjoy the day. As an added bonus, the location where we got married is owned by White Orchid Weddings, and as such, can only be booked if you work with them for their coordinating service. The White Orchid Beach House is absolutely breathtaking, and truly the perfect backdrop for a seaside wedding. I can't recommend WOW enough!"

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cindy & steven
wedding Date: 06.18.18
Location: white orchid beach house
Planner: Bernie & steven
photography by Aihara Visuals

"We were blown away by Bernie and Steven’s excellent service. Right from the beginning, they were responsive and helpful, unlike many other wedding vendors I reached out to. We did everything by distance via phone and email, and they made it so easy! Throughout the process they kept us engaged and took care of everything. They were detail-oriented and did not miss anything from our wedding requests/designs. They did all the coordination with the venues and it was super helpful. We would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who wants a stress-free approach to a Hawaii wedding!”

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catherine & derek
wedding Date: 08.24.17
Location: hale koa
Planner: Nani St. Germain
photography by absolutely loved

"If there was an option for more than 5 stars I would give it! I worked with Nani St. Germain and if you are so lucky to get her as your wedding planner get ready for ZERO stress planning. Nani was SO amazing to work with. I am from Georgia so it was so helpful to have Nani help me plan the perfect wedding in Hawaii. Not only was she awesome to work with she was AMAZING for the rehearsal and the wedding day. I have several people come up to me and compliment her. I have been to a lot of weddings where the wedding planner can be a little aggressive or insensitive to the wedding party. NOT NANI! Lastly, my wedding ended up being better than I ever could imagined thanks to Nani! I honestly am sad the planning is over!!! Mahalo Nani! White Orchid Weddings thanks so much for providing such a wonderful wedding planner!"

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jaclyn  & David
wedding Date: 08.28.17
Location: White Orchid Beach House
Planner: patty
photography by anna kim

"Thank you so much for all your work with our wedding! We were so happy with everything, it was stunning! We were blown away with how beautiful everything was, the level of detail was amazing. Steven was fantastic, he made everything easy and special. The day exceeded our expectations and lived up to our expectations!"

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Meghan & James
wedding Date: 03.15.17
Location: white orchid beach house
Planner: kendell
photography by Sasha Prince

"Kendall at White Orchid Wedding was so helpful from answering questions to making suggestions! She was polite, prompt and professional!! She did a great job of balancing what we were looking for with our budget. Everything was perfect from the wedding officiant, to the location, the food, the photographer and the cake!!! I can't thank White Orchid Wedding and Kendall enough for making our wedding so special and a day I will never forget!"

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amanda & michael
wedding Date: 04.15.17
Location: sugar beach
Planner: nalani
photography by J. Anthony Martinez

"On April 15, 2017, I married the love of my life and my best friend in the world in beautiful Sugar Beach in Kihei, Maui.  I'm native Hawaiian and have family and friends spread all over the US. My husband is Australian and has family and friends spread all over Australia, Japan and Europe. We both currently live in New York City so choosing a wedding destination was a challenge. When we landed on Maui it was daunting to consider planning from such a distance , made worse because we own a start-up together and struggle mightily to find spare time on the best of days. Nalani was my coordinator at White Orchid Wedding. She did a fantastic job of listening to us, understanding our aesthetic and presenting options that worked. We did NOT stay within budget but then, do you ever? She did however try to present options that were in range and worked with us when things were just a bit too much. I couldn't have planned this wedding by myself, but with the help of Nani and WOW, when the day came, it was absolutely perfect."

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Jamie & Keith
wedding Date: 06.05.17
Location: white orchid beach house
Planner: Jacqueline
photography by chris j. evans

"Dear Jackie, I can’t thank you enough for all you help in planning and coordinating our wedding in Maui! Keith and I keep saying it couldn’t have gone any better and our friends and family all had the greatest time and loved every aspect of it. We all look at the pictures and rewatch the video to relive the day! Hope you are doing well!"