Teresa Sena

Theresa Sena

Straight from the slopes of Haleakala comes our magnificent in-house floral designer Teresa Sena. As a resident of the island for almost thirty years, Teresa is nestled amidst the tranquil farm areas of Kula where she creates pieces of art. Her resume of floral design reflects back 26 years encompassing work for many major hotels, corporate events, off-island events, weddings and specialty parties.

As a lover of hula and the Hawaiian culture, Teresa is naturally inclined to utilize island florals and elements from Maui which are her specialty. Her experience is unsurpassed with a knowledge of seasonal selections, color and texture, exciting new trends and cultural influences, which will benefit her clientele.

Each couple will be amazed by the variety of options available to them, as she sees no limit as to what can be created. Whether it be from Maui soil or brought in especially, Teresa will aim to please as she treats each couple with a very personable approach to obtain the perfect elements for the perfect design.

“I look for design in everything. The textures and colors in nature excite me at every turn on Maui which inspires me to incorporate interesting elements in my design to please the eye. I don’t think I have ever created the same thing twice as it is my desire to keep my creations original. I feel more enthusiastic about my work now than ever and look forward to working with you and your vision”…

E lei kau, e lei ho ilo i ke aloha.

Love is worn like a wreath through the summers and winters. Love is everlasting.

Teresa Sena

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